Differences between PX116A2 and PX116A3

Does anybody know the differences between px116a2 and 116a3. As an owner of an 116a i know that it does well as a cd-rom but as i had problems i requested rma and i got an 116a2 which is one model of pioneer and it is awful for DAE. Could anyone provide more info about the 116A3 model?


All these Plextor DVD-ROMS are based on Pioneer drives. I’ve read that the A2 model (Pioneer DVD-121) does not support C2 error reporting, which the A3 model does support. I think the A3 model is based on the Pioneer DVD-122 so perhaps you can use the model numbers to find out more about the drives. I would probably go for the A3 model myself, but I have no experience with these drives myself, so I can only base this on what I’ve read.

I have the A2. It runs fine.

But you can never tell which one you get when you buy.

It is not. The A3 uses a VOS (VIA Optical Storage) chipset, which would make it closer to the PIONEER DVD-120 model. The PIONEER DVD-122 is based on an ASUS design (E616P2) and uses an ALi (Acer Labs Inc) chipset.


Brother Vlad

Does it perform well with DVD’s and with DAE? Is it a good idea to replace 116A2?

Thanks Brother Vlad! :wink:

anonymous-root, I see no reason why you should replace the A2 model with the A3 model.

Does the A3 model read -R and +R DVDs faster than A2 (A2 has 9.3x max speed)?

The only reason is that i hope a3 will perform better at DAE, as A2 does not go far from 3X !!!

I have the 116A2 and Nero Info tools shows my A2 can do C2 errors, but If I test this using Nero CD-DVD Speed 3.50 ‘Disc Quality Test’ it will only do them on CD-R’s and CD-RW’s, not DVD+/-Rs or DVD+/-RW’s.

It let’s me select the Test, shows me the START button enabled but then throws up the following error:

Guess PI/PO testing is out on this drive :frowning:

Notice how Nero Info Tool also says the A2 does not support DVD+R DL?

Web-Junkie 116A2 does not support C2 erros!
EAC can also confirm this.

There must be a bug in Nero CD-DVD speed then? However, It let me do a Disc Quality Test on a scratched CD-RW I had and showed C2 errors using my 116A2?

I noticed even Plextools says the 116A2 does not support reading DVD+R DL too, has anyone ever tried reading a burned DL disc in the 116A?