Differences between Pioneer BDR-TD05AS and Pioneer BDR-TD05RT




Do you know what difference exists between Pioneer BDR-TD05AS and Pioneer BDR-TD05RT ?
RT might come from retail, but what about AS ?
I did not found any Pioneer official site with specification for these models.
Do you have more information about them ?



RT is older and more expensive… RT doesnt mean retail.


Interesting. Indeed there was one model named TD03RT.
Maybe RT is related to some manufacturing/materials/production_line properties.
Maybe AS is a new line, and TD05 has 2 lines: RT (older way) and AS (new way)

The question remains: What RT and AS exactly means ?
Pioneer has their letters that mean something …
but have no idea about RT and AS :slight_smile:


Maybe I was wrong about such differences between RT and AS.

As I searched more on ebay, and I found, for AS, some nice features like M-Disc and Zero Power ODD.
Maybe RT model doesn’t have Zero Power ODD.
Here ftp://ftp.avc-pioneer.com/Mtfuji_7/Proposal/Jun09/MtFujiOverview_6_18_09.pdf
are more info about Zero Power ODD.

Also I do not know if RT model knows M-Disc.

In this case, AS model would be better to have.



Yes, the AS is the newer model.

If you recall the old naming schemes of Pioneer etc then you would imagine AS stands for Asus OEM and RT indeed for Retail, but its not the case here.


I was searching the differences between the 2 and from what I’ve found the AS is the retail and the other one the bulk version. No technical difference from what I’ve read: https://www.hardwareschotte.de/produkt-vergleich/Pioneer-BDR-TD05-Blu-ray-XL-Burner–mp22015094


yup, seems to be the case.