Differences between NEC 2500A and 2510A

Apart from the inbuilt support that the NEC 2510A has for DL burning, is it different in any other way to the 2500A? The only review I could find for the 2510A (http://www.trustedreviews.com/article.aspx?page=1042&head=12) doesn’t go into too much detail on the write/read performance of the 2510. Does anyone know if NEC has improved the read performance of the 2510 especially with regards to scratched discs etc?

Also, the 2510A currently writes to DL media at a rate of 2.4X - is this the max possible by the hardware, or would it be possible to increase this speed using future firmware updates?

Currently, Newegg has the 2500A on sale for $69.99, while the 2510A is $87.00. Is the slow DL capability of the 2510A (non-hacked) worth this additional expense or are there any other features that come with the drive? I will mainly be using this drive for long-term media storage, hence the concern for reading possibly scratched discs in the future (I also don’t have a separate reader).

I’d appreaciate any comments…


Thanks for the review link! I searched one for quite a few days now!

Just ordered the NEC 2510A from newegg along with a Ridata 4x DVD+R 50 pack that received very good user reviews (http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProductdesc.asp?description=17-132-325&depa=0). I’ll test the drive as soon as I get it (3-4 days) and provide some feedback at that point.

Ridata(Ritek) 4x at Newegg.com seems to have excellent quality, but some people say the quality varies. I have burnt more than 70 blanks, and no single failure with NEC 1100A( 4x with hacked firmware, DELL OEM). I guess Ridata work so fine with NEC 2510A too.

You just bought an expensive sticker on your nec2500 ;). 2500 and 2510 are the same.

I wouldn’t call them exactly the same…I’d rather pay the additional $15 in order to get a drive that officially supports dual layer burning. Some or even most 2500 drives may be able to do the same, but I’ve read that this is not a certainty by any means. The additional expense is also worth it to get a drive that can be RMA’d at a later point if necessary, unlike a 2500 with a hacked firmware.

Good points Syoung333.

This is definitely the correct approach, since the price difference is negligible. I am afraid that you may still have to run hacked firmware to enable setting of the Book-Type to DVD-ROM. Unfortunately for compatibility with commercial DVD players and many PC DVD readers this seems to be necessary without a firmware update. NEC doesn’t seem to have any inclination to support bitsetting.

They do with OEM drives like HP !
On NEC branded drives they must rely on Herrie and TDB :slight_smile: