Differences between ND-3550A and ND-3540A?

Does anyone know what are the differences betweeen the ND-3550A and the ND-3540A? Accoring to the NEC website they have the same read and write speeds.

These are totally different drives, different hardware, different chipsets etc…
The 3550 is supposed to replace the 3540. That’s the 35X family drives: 3500, 3520, 3540, 3550…
For the differences in specs, just refer to Nec’s website.

I don’t see any differences in specs, this is why asked.

The ND-3550A replace the ND-3540A they have the same specs, but different hardware and chipset.

Damn! I wish I had seen this before I ordered the 3550A. The supply of 3450’s seem sparse. I figured it was just some marketing ploy so NEC could say they had a new model. I hope the 3550A turns out to be as good as the reviews say the 3450 is.

I think you mean the 3540, not 3450 which is a rather old model… :wink:

Personally I prefer the 3540 to the 3550 (I have two 3540s, and a 4550 that is the same as 3550 + DVD-RAM support), but I’ve seen others getting excellent burns from the 3550/4550. Maybe I have a lesser unit. :frowning:

Yes, I meant 3540. I had to make a hasty decision on which to get as I had to strike while the iron was hot, but as usual I may learn to regret it. However, I will be happy camper if it gets rid of the constant PMA Update Failures I am having with my LiteOn CDRW 48125W.