Differences between Liteon DVD readers?




I have a Liteon (or JLMS) 166S, am very satisfied, and need two additional drives for some of my other PCs. But, I am totally confused by Liteons’ produco line, now there is a Liteon 167T and even a 181 seems to be available. liteon.com and jlms.com.tw do not list these, so what are the differences betweenthese drives, and most importantly: how good are they, can you recommend them, or shall I take any other driver which is better, faster, more silent, or anything else? What about the Toshiba SD-M1912.

Please help me since I cannot decide which drive to get.




i think you meed to buy Pioneer 108. It’s a good DVD Writer !!!


No I want a reader not a writer!


Nobody knows anything about that?


Liteon 167T is faster, ~6.5X average for DVD-R disk, Toshiba SD-M1912 slower (4.7X),
but more silent. Both very good readers.

Where did you see Liteon 181?