Differences between KS04, KS04 patched and KY01 patched firmwares



I just installed a Lite on 1693 and am interested in the differences between the stock KS04, Codeguys patched KS04 and Codeguys patched KY01 firmwares, all of which could be used to update my drive’s KS02 firmware. Thanks for your input. :slight_smile:


Okay, first, could you please make a backup of your KS02 firmware and e-mail it to us?

The difference between KS04 and the patched KS04 is whatever the filename says it is… in this case, only “cf” is present. “cf”–crossflash–firmwares simply have the EEPROM checksum verification subroutine disabled, which will allow 1673S drives use a 1693S firmware. Since your drive is a 1693S and not a 1673S@1693S, this would not affect you in any way.

KY01 is the firmware for the Sony DRU-800A, which is a LiteOn drive with an expensive Sony sticker affixed to it. The difference between KY01 and KS04, aside from KY01 carrying a Sony name, is how old they are. KY01 dates from March 8. KS04 is from March 29.


there are some diffrence in quality of burn some disk… but they are minimum .some Media are better on KY01… some on KS04… the difrence are realy Minimal but 4 me flash it whit KS04 :slight_smile:


Thanks code65536 & besmirch, I appreciate the input. Code65536, sorry I had already updated it to Lite on’s KS04 before I got your input, therefore, I no longer have the original KS02 firmware.
Thanks again :slight_smile:


i have a back up copy of KS02 if you require it


jagnut, thanks. You’ll find the email address on the contact us page of our site. See the link in my signature…


Thanks jagnut, file received :slight_smile: