Differences between F/W



Firstly I'd like to say congrats to OC-Freak and the rest of you for having such a brilliant forum.

Now I have done a little searching but haven't been able to find a definitive comparision between Firmware. Ie. ZS0A, ZS0J, ZS0K and VS02, VS04, VS06.

My reason for asking is that I am about to OC my 40125s for the first time and am wondering if the later (ZS0K and VS06) are always better, or if sometimes it might be better to stick with a firmware that is a little more mature?

In other words, should I use VS06 to go to 48125 and have ZS0K on hand for if I need to revert back to 40125s.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


My findings:

40X fw:

ZS0A offers the best write Quality but is still Z-CLV
ZS0K offers the best quality of the P-CAV firmwares.

48X fw:

for me VS02 havew been the best, for some others VS06 have been the best…

It much depends on media types you use.


So what your saying is I should dl all of them and PLAY til I find what’s right for me? :smiley:


vs06 worked terrible for me so i flashed back to vs02 which is pretty reliable in my opinion


Like OC-Freak says, it depends on your media type. With the VS02 firmware I was getting faster burns (as much as 20 seconds faster, using the same speed and media as with the VS06), but I get more reliable burns with the VS06.

I was getting good burns with VS02 with known high-quality media, but it really had no tolerance for cheap CD-Rs. The VS06 claims better media compatibility, and I’m inclined to believe that when my burns on $0.15/disc media come up without errors.

My cheap discs will probably age faster and start getting corrupt, but I use them a lot in the car, so they have a limited lifespan anyway. :slight_smile: I still keep a batch of Kodak Golds (the discontinued ones) for burns where I need data integrity to last. If you never use cheap CD-Rs, I’d say use the VS02 – but try the VS06 if you start seeing errors, or if you intend to use a lot of cheap CD-Rs.