Differences between DVR-110D, DVR-110 and A10

Hi All
I’ve been told that it would be better to wait the DVR-110 before buying the DVR-110D currently out.
Could you please explain me the differences between the two burners?
And what about the A10? Is the retail version of the DVR-110 or what?


DVR-110D only reads DVD-RAM
DVR-110 writes to DVD-RAM
DVR-A10 is the retail version

  • slightly better burning speeds :frowning:

Please use the Search function, as this has come up in the other DVR-110 threads.

Thanks Bj.
Unfortunetely an italian user reported problems reading DVD-RAM on the 110D…
I think I’ll wait a complete review here on CD Freaks or CdrInfo :slight_smile:


Ok, sorry then :wink:

Read this thread
No need to apologise, sometimes it’s easier than waiting for an answer, that may have been answered before :confused: :bigsmile:

Thanks, I’ll have a look.

Hehehe I know very well how does it goes, I would have replied exactly like you in an italian board :bigsmile: , here I can just say I have language limitations :bigsmile: