Differences between "B" & "G" firmware



Is there a difference in the functionality of “B” vs “G” firmware. I have G7Z9 installed on my new 1620, and am curious if there is a differecne? I have read several sites/threads…haven’t learned anything about the differences. Whats the big deal with “B” over “G”. All I’m looking for is to be able to burn +rDL at 4x, and only use +r media.

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The consensus is there is no difference, except on the later G firmwares past P, like G7T9, it doesn’t work with CD-DVD Speed. If you want to flash with a regular exe, I can send you G7P9. Just click on the exe, point to the burner, have no media in the burner, and flash it and wait for it to ask you to reboot. If you burn with that awhile you could cross flash if you want. Supposedly the U firmware has optimized some DL burning.

Someone posted this link to their site for G7P9.


Nu-tech also list the OEM G7P9 firmware. I assume it’s good for any OEM.





Their (dvdpro’s) G79P link appears to be dead, that’s why I post the alternate links.


Thanks for the info guys… I already have the G7P9 zip file on my computer. I just wasn’t sure if the “B” or “G” made a big deal…I’m going with the G7P9 firmware for the 4x DL support…Thanks again for all the replies


Well the P firmware also burns single layer better then the Z firmware, so you should be flashing the G7P9 just based on that alone and play with that for awhile and then decide later to cross flash or not.


Will do thanx…