Differences between 2500a and 2150a

Guys, how can I tell the difference between the two? There’s peeps selling the NEC 2150a online, but I don’t want to be duped into getting a 2500 with flashed firmware.

Hopefully you mean the NEC 2510a, which is the Double Layer burner, which is the difference.
Btw, DVD+R DL is supported by the NEC2500a flashed with Herrie’s FW v2b5.

If you don’t want to be duped, just get it form [COLOR=RoyalBlue]here then.[/COLOR]

Can’t, it’s too far away :slight_smile: I’m in Malaysia.

L:bigsmile:L .

Well, check the sticker there if it’s like this :

I would mail NEC and explain the problem and ask them how to se the diffrence (in serial n/r or any other solid way) between the two. I think that is is there own intrests that customer not beeing cheeted by greedy supliers.

Unfortunately these drives come with no label sticker :confused:

Good suggestion, but from past experience and from other people’s experience as sampled on the net tells me NEC’s terrible at customer support/interaction. They are largely OEM after all. No harm to shoot off an email though, I’ll do that.

Stay away from those ! :cop: :wink:

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I’m thinking of getting the NEC as an additional burner… Since the 2510 is latest gen and not much more than the 2500, I was thinking of getting it. However, since it doesn’t officially support bitsetting and I’d be using herrie’s hacked firmware (which would render it the absolute same as a reflashed 2500), is there any point at all to my getting the 2510?

booma yes, the 2510 is gaurenteed to work as a DL writer (at least to some degree). Do to the placement/calibration of the laser etc some 2500a’s will most certainly not work as well. Why roll the dice when a few bucks more will get you exactly what you want.

but herrie’s firmware works with 2510? does he release firmware not only for 2500?

The above quote kinda sums up the question. I was thinkin of the 2510 because its brand new… but NEC doesnt officially offer bitsetting, its only because of the great Herrie and the hacked firmwares. No point in buying it if I cant bitset: whether single or dual layer. Not particularly fussed about dual now, was only considering the 2510 because its newer and I guess more likely to get longer support and more hacks (I was thinking). So, if I get the 2510, can I use Herries 2500 DL hacked firmware in it? If not, there might not be much point.

Never mind :stuck_out_tongue: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=608349#post608349

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Yes, you can use herrie’s 1.07 V2 Beta 5 firmware on an actual ND-2510A drive.