Differences? A08XLA(B,C) / 108AXL(BXL,CXL) / 108(BK)

According to the Offical Website of Pioneer:


There are 3 modes of “8 Series”


I own one, I believe the package says it’s DVR-108EXL, silver gray panel with metal radio button & huge-faced tray, now I wanna flash my writer to gain more control over the DVD riping & burning as well as get rid of the RPC-II & get bitsettings too, but before that, I need to know the differences and cross-flash possibilities between all 3 writers to determine what firmware is my best choice.

Are they technically different or just the same product with different panels for different regions of the world, if so, then why didn’t Pioneer distribute an common firmware for all 3 writers?

Wish my questions ain’t so silly for you to answer.

I’m very disappointed for no one lent a helping hand in the world’s largest online CD/DVD Community.
Is Pioneer Forum a dying facility? Or my questions are very stupid to answer?
Ah! I know, it’s the time zone doing the trick, It’s about 3:00 AM In the USA, I guess everybody is gone to rest and of course, they must dreaming sweet dreams, so for the interests of the dreamers, I’ll hush down & shut up here.

Yes the Pioneer forum is a little slow most of the time but its just the way it is, when the Pioneer fanboys have finished crying over their 109’s ( j/k :slight_smile: ) im sure they’ll help you out. :wink: Ive never needed to play around crossflashing my Pioneers so i cant help you sorry :sad:

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Roc NicePlat, very impressive viewpoint.

I believe that the XL models have some different features IE: burn quality adjusment, etc… but not sure. Mostly, the XL’s include the nice software bundle (ULEAD).

They also have the quiet drive utility.
You will know if you have a XL as they have a honeycombe case.
Try a search, as this has been asked about before.

I searched the CDFreaks and found not helpful thread, especially details of 108(BK). And yes, you can find threads probably like this one, but not precisely and often end up without expected answer.

The BK just stands for BLACK.
Going on your first post you have a XL drive, which has a different firmware.
I searched for this, have a read…!

Thanks Bjproc,

That thread showed two faceplates, obviously my writer is the first one, however its name is not A08XLA but 108EXL, are they different?

The other picture showed a white faceplate but the author dhc014 said nothing about its name, just said it’s not an XL driver, is that all?

Can I safely flash my 108EXL with A08XLA’s firmware? (cause their faceplates are the same) or is 108(BK) firmware suitable for 108EXL too?


you will need the XL firmware.
The 108 bk is the bulk/OEM drive which has diff. firmware

Thanks again Bjproc.

Finally, I got the answers. Let’s straight it up: A08XLA = DVR-108XL and their firmwares are different but exchangeable, 108BK uses complete different firmware and noncross-flashable.

Now, the picture is almost cleaned, except one more thing:

I learned something new by searching the CDFreaks.com, look what I’ve found, Piodata 108DX and guess what? people tender to flash their 108 with Piodata 108DX firmware to let the bitsetting available.

Ok, here is my last question, can XL writer be flashed by 108DX firmware?


yes but you loose all XL options it becomes an ordinary 108 oem with bitsetting. also once done you cant go back unless you have the original a08xl kernel and fw, and there is no way to save a kernel so once you crossflash its lost.

You terrified me KenW.

You can download the xl kernel from Gradius website it is in his 1.14 zip firmware update.Use dvrflash and add what ever firmware you require this will take it back to xl
from piodata if you decice to go back.
Hope this helps

Thanks for the very useful information you provided and nice to have you here darkieone. :slight_smile: