Difference in SafeDisk and SafeDisk 2/3 Type

Under Datatype what actualy changes when you select SafeDisk vs SafeDisk 2/3? Is it something in the background of Alcohol that we can’t manualy change? I have a 2 sheep burner and it was advised that I use SafeDisk instead of SafeDisk 2/3 for making (reading) and burning the image.

The only difference is that under the “safedisk 2/3” datatype the “EFM trick” is used, but this is only required for burners that are not 2-sheep. The “safedisk” datatype does not have this option checked and so 2-sheep burners are better off using this profile for all safedisc titles using alcohol 120%.

So it is correct that you should use the safedisc profile for your burner.

I see…So this only applies to when burning the image, right? In making (reading) there is no difference if it SafeDisk or SafeDisk 2/3 datatype. What if you select the SafeDisk 2/3 datatype and then uncheck EFM? Would that be the same as using the regular SafeDisk?

Yes, the only difference is when you burn the image, and yes you can simply uncheck the EFM setting on the safedisk 2/3 datatype - also a good idea to reduce the read and write speeds to 4x or 8x for best chance of a successful backup.

Hope this helps!

Got it. Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem :wink:

What is this EFM trick?

EFM (Eight to Fourteen Modulation) is a method of encoding source data for CD formats into a form that is easy to master, replicate and playback reliably. EFM modulation gives the bit stream specific patterns of 1s and 0s, thus defining the lengths of pits and lands. EFM permits a high number of channel bit transitions for arbitrary pit and land lengths. The merging bits ensure that pit & land lengths are not less than 3 and no more than 11 channel bits. This reduces the effect of jitter, distortions on the error rate, increases data density and helps facilitate control of the spindle motor speed