Difference in reporting C2 errors on different drives

when i check some burnt cds on a LITEON cdr with KPROBE 2.4.2 it shows me C2 errors (not alot, but still errors), but when i run the check on a NEC 3520 dvdr with NERO CD SPEED 3.8 i get no C2 errors on those exact cds (only C1, and about the same KPROBE reports).

what is the reason for that?

is the LITEON drive more sensitive? or over-sensitive?
should i worry about those C2 errors?

Are you scanning the cds on the LiteOn at a higher speed than on your NEC drive? The higher scanning speed you use, the higher the chance of seeing C2 errors.

If you’re using high quality media burned at no more than certified speed, and at no more than one or two steps below the burners maximum speed, and you still get C2 errors when scanning at medium speeds on your LiteOn, THEN you should worry about either the media or the LiteOn burner.

Do we know if the NEC even CAN report C2?

Generally, DVD burners are poor at scanning CDRs, use a CDRW drive if you have one.

I don’t have a 3520 myself, but I’m pretty sure that any firmware for the 3520 that can report C1 will also report C2 errors.

The NEC 3500 however only reports C2 but not C1, but that is a tired old discussion by now. (Yes, I have at least one scan to prove that the NEC 3500 can scan for C2 errors in case anyone wants proof.)

I think we can safely say that the 3520 does not report C2, and wonder what is actually reporting for C1. Here’s the same crap Infodisc USRW disc scanned at 40x in a LiteOn CDRW and in the 3520. This media is some of the worst ever made, and frequently breaks all C1/C2 records. The LiteOn actually errored out near the end, but the NEC did manage to read it at speed. DVD burners are excellent at reading damaged and crappy CD’s, but bad for scanning.

They corrected this with the 3540A I think.
My own 3540A reports the same C2 errors as my Plexwriter 52/24/52A CD writer.
As for older NEC models I have no idea, never owned one.

So with my Lite-ON SOHC 5232K I should be able to trust that scan better than with my BenQ 1620?

I have been getting some very mixed results between the two over the past few days (Can’t post scans I am at work) even with Fuji branded TY CDR’s.

Only time I seem to get no C2 errors is with a burn at 40x, seems hard to believe with TY media. I will do some more test burns later today.

So as a general rule what speed should they be scanned at? Should it be what speed they were burned at?