Difference in full disc and clone

Hi. In DVDFab, what’s the difference in doing “Full Disc” from a disc to an iso and “Clone” from a disc to an iso? I’ve been doing Full Disc all this time with my own dvds, making sure it always says 100% before making the iso. Did I miss something?

The differences between the two modes are subtle. Full Disc copies all disc video content; will compress it if necessary to make it fit on the output media you choose; writes first to a temp file as VOBs, then burns those to disc, writes them to a folder or creates an image of them if you have chosen an ISO output. The only option is to strip DTS audio tracks, which can save space. Clone makes a bit-for-bit copy of the original disc; writes first to a temp file as an ISO; applies NO compression; preserves the original layer break regardless of Common Settings; writes the temp file out to HDD or burner. If you want an ISO HD file and a burned disc, UNcheck “Delete Temporary Files When Done” in Common Settings in Clone mode. The only option is a box to prevent including any non-video content in the output (e.g. DVD-ROM stuff). I’m not sure I completely understood your question, but those are the differences.

Hi, thanks for writing. That answers a lot. Sorry for posting below, but see another way I might want to ask this question.

Or, here is another way to ask. Say I take a movie, do a full disc copy to an iso, 100% quality using dvd5 or dvd9 as needed, remove layer break is checked in options. Do the same thing with clone. What, besides the layer break removal, are the practical differences in the 2 resultant isos (as far as overall dvd content, video quality, etc.)?

Full Disc will not copy any DVD-ROM content. Clone will. Full Disc (I believe) has an extra transcoding step that is skipped in Clone mode. Clone is “purer”, but as a practical matter, probably indistinguishable from the copies you are making. That being said, if I shared your concern for quality, I would be using Clone mode. I’m not sure if the two modes treat the IFO files differently; I think Full Disc re-writes them, Clone probably does not.
/EDIT/ In rare instances (discs with lots of DVD-ROM or non-video content) Full Disc might let it fit on a DVD5, where Clone would ask for a DVD9 (unless you checked the box for Video-related files only). You must have a good source of cheap DVD9s. Share.

The last supply of DL discs I got from one of the online places someone around here I got for $1.92 or 1.96 Per for 40 discs. I thought was pretty good. Just last week. Verb’s Free Shipping.

Hey Ron. That’s better than I’ve been paying by a little, but I’m looking for a real deal. I’m cheap. And I’m almost out of DLs.:frowning:

supermediastore.com Think they were a few cents cheeper at newegg but I heard they may subistute. Best Buy and Wallyworld are about $3.00 a piece in three packs, Best B is $50.00 for 20 pack. If you find a good sale please let me know.

Officemax isn’t too bad right now…
Verb +R DL, 10 pk for $14.99
I’m still hoping for a repeat of their 10pks for $12…no shipping, no tax… :cool:
I still have a 100 or so left… :wink:

Thanks. On this clone, I noticed 2 things:

  1. It creates an ini file. Do I need this?
  2. It doesn’t appear to name the iso what I tell it. It seems to use the name from the original disc anyway. Does that mean I have to rename the iso and then edit the ini file to change the name?

Hmmm, noticing other strange issues. When burning an iso made from “Clone”, AnyDVD tells me it found and fixed a wrong dvd structure, whereas burning one made from “Full Disc” doesn’t. I think I’ll have to stick with Full Disc for now. Thanks for your previous info.

I’m wondering if it has to do with the fact that I’m burning on a dvd5? But, the movie fits dvd5 to begin with. So, can I ask you signals, does Clone work on dvd5’s? Or is it only for dvd9’s, because the dvd5’s I’m making with Clone keep showing dvd structure errors in AnyDVD, but not the Full Disc burns. I even tried Full Disc from the original dvd to the burner as my destination vs Clone from the original dvd to the burner. Now, both discs do appear to play fine in my dvd player, but I’m wondering about the report that AnyDVD is giving for the Clone disc but not the Full Disc one.

Sorry, I don’t know AnyThing about AnyDVD, since I’ve never used it. I used to get occasional messages llike this from DVD Decrypter when I fed it an ISO with an .ini file but no .mds file; it would whine about it and create the .mds file on its own. That or something similar may be happening to you. DVDShrink opens, plays and copies DVDFab’s ISOs with no complaint about the structure.:confused: EDIT: At least it did the last time I tried it. I don’t use ISOs as an intermediate step very often.

Yeah, must be something about AnyDVD. I will ignore it. For instance, I just did a backup and it finds problems not even the original dvd has. Here is what it says:

Media is a DVD.
Booktype: dvd+r dl (version 1), Layers: 2 (opposite)
Size of first Layer: 2017152 sectors (3939 MBytes)
Total size: 3763200 sectors (7350 MBytes)

Video DVD (or CD) label: Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Media is not CSS protected.
Video Standard: NTSC
Media is region free.

RCE protection not found.
DVD structure appears to be correct.
Found & removed error zones between files!
Found & removed invalid VOBUs!
Autorun not found on Video DVD.
Found & removed 1 bad sector protections!
Emulating RPC-2 drive with region 1!

Strange though, cause none of these things actually exist, since DVDFab removes them.

I was under the impression there was no ISO of a DVD9. At least that was the case a couple of years ago.

If that is still true, the implication is that each type of buring software is using it’s own propriatory system for tracking the second layer. That would cause subtle errors to appear between different software programs.

I found the issue in DVDFab. On some movies, it appears you have to run them through twice (i.e. create an iso from the original, then create another iso from the previous iso), then they will show no issues in AnyDVD. Out of about 50, I only had to do it on these:

Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Private School
Sixteen Candles
Breakfast Club
Total Recall
Weird Science

I have made several of these and made two, one with DVDFab (ISO+INI files) and one with DVDDecrypter (ISO+MDS files), both of which are recognized by windows as ISO9660 archives. The layer break information is contained in the INI file in the case of DVDFab. The MDS files are binary but I suspect it is in there as well.