Difference in capcity of dvd-r and dvd+r

Am i right in thinking that there is a very small difference in disc capacity between -r and +r due to something under their specs , one has a few more sectors available for user data?

Sometimes i get a report from software when copying from a dvd-r to a +r or vice versa saying there is a chance this might not be possible due to the different formats.

I’m wondering if this is referring to the fact that there is a possibility you could be copying from a larger capacity disc to a lower one?

If so which is the slightly larger -r or +r?

Yes, +R is approximately 4483MB, -R 4489MB.

On a somewhat related note, a few DVD burners support overburning of +R media, while no drive supports overburning of -R (and probably never will). With some +R media, you can get out to around 4630MB.

brill - that sounds right

i did some copying a while back and some how came across a slight difference - i was thinking around 8 meg maybe but your figures ring a bell



The +R I’ve had had max. space of 4489mb and some -R had max. 4496mb. :wink:

Never heard that before, have any more details? I’ve never heard or seen a single +R disc with capacity beyond 4483MB, those are its specs. I haven’t seen or read of -R going beyond 4489MB, but maybe there are some discs that have increased this. I recall BeAll selling some BS discs a few years ago that were rated around 4600MB, but they were basically just overburning +R discs I believe. It seems odd that both capacities you list are around 7MB beyond their spec, perhaps it’s the burning program incorrectly listing their capacities?

Yeah, lil mistake on my side.

For +R 4483mb and for -R 4496mb.

4496mb with some 1x/2x and 4x rated -Rs.