Difference HDD affect burn quality?

Hi guys…
I got something happened over here…
Okay here the story…
I got myself a new hdd (Seagate 320GB 7200.10 Sata-II 16MB Cache) to replace my dead hdd (Western Digital 250GB Pata 8MB Cache), I always use the same media to burn my data, using either Mitsubishi or Verbatim (16x MCC004 DVD+R)… with the old hdd, when burning the dvd, I always get the quality score of 97-99 (using Nero CD/DVD speed, mostly I got 98 all the times), but after I change to the new hdd, the quality score is always 94-95…
…and I already defrag my hdd

here my comp spec:

AMD 64 3200+ Venice (2.0Ghz)
512x2 MB Mushkin Blueline (2,3,3,6 2T)
DFi Lanparty Ultra-D Nforce 3 mobo
6800GT Nvidia VGA
320GB Seagate 7200.10 Sata-II 16MB cache
BenQ 1640 DVDRW (BSQB)
Winxp pro SP-2
Using Nero

and here the pic :

burn from old hdd

from new hdd ( u can see there got high and many pi failures also)

It’s practically impossible for a HD to have that sort of change to a burn. If it’s heavily fragmented or slow accessing the data, you will often see a continuous block of 1 PIFs, but I find it highly unlikely that what you are seeing is caused from the HD. Only the block of PIFs at 2GB makes the burn much worse than the first (using a burn with 11 PIF is using an extreme example to compare burns), and actually the PIE levels are very low on the second burn. The block of PIFs like you have is usually from either a small defect in the dye, a large speck of dust, or a small scuff on the dye side of the disc. Look closely at the dye side of the disc about 1/3 of the way out and you’ll probably find one of those three (use a flashlight if you can’t see anything).

I think that your first burn was from a CMC made Verbatim disc while the second one is from a Prodisc made disc :slight_smile:

Holy Bejeeeezus! That’s a HUGE molehill.

the verbatim mcc004 dvd+r that I use have a serial number like :

ZD5176 DVR T47D
ZD8076 DVR T47D

i’m using the same media to burn the data… before burning the disc, when I looked closely with the light, there is no dust at the dye surface…

edit : …and also, is it normal the Buffer Level is always change like 89% to 75% to 51% to 98% and so on when burning the disc?

okay here another burn quality shot:

exscalibur99 :

It is not the serial that I want you to post .
There is another serial starting with : PAPA , PAHA for CMC made Verbatims
Or serial with + or - in the middle for Prodisc media

okay, it is PAPA23K101162128 6

Buffer fluctuation of the burner is normal, typically it will fluctuate from about 80%-100%, although it will vary by burner. A continuous huge fluctuation is not normal.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong here, quality can and will vary from disc to disc. Your last scan is good.

Both ?

I’ve never seen such huge variation in CMC made Verbatims :confused:
Anyway , you can try burning with another PC (with a different HDD) and post the results

Out of all 3 Verbatim outsourced manufacturers, CMC has given a batch with largest variation for me so I don’t see the difference in those scans as extraordinary for CMC manufactured media. :rolleyes:

I didn’t try CMC Verbatims myself (only Prodisc made !) , I got the idea from scans posted here and experienced members showing the superiority of CMC made Verbatims regarding consistency

I doubt a change in the hard drive can cause this. I have similar burn scans with YT 02 DVD-R where some are great and others have huge PIE/PIF errors smack down in the middle. I think variation in quality control during the manufacturing process is responsible for these errors.

Your burn is very interesting, the spike reminds me of a recent burn i did, i was also worried of HD issues as imgburn was giving me “waiting for hard disc activity to reach threshold level”.

“waiting for hard disc activity to reach threshold level” simply means you got a buffer underrun and IMGburn pauses the burn until the buffers fills up again. This sometimes results in a single 1 PIF spike, but that’s it.

You forgot to mention that many drives will change the write speed to a lower one. :iagree:

[QUOTE=>:|sh4d0w|:<]Your burn is very interesting, the spike reminds me of a recent burn i did, i was also worried of HD issues as imgburn was giving me “waiting for hard disc activity to reach threshold level”.


Normally I’d say it’s just a blemish in the dye, dust, etc., but I have to admit it is interesting that the spike appears nearly identical to the spike in the first post, and occurs at the exact same spot.

^ Yes the similarities in the general shapes are interesting aswell, very odd.

Yep, I guess I should’ve mentioned that, thanks for the elaboration o evil one. :slight_smile: