Difference GSA-4166 and GSA-H20?


When I was in an electronics store I found both drives in the store. On the box there where no technical differences. The only difference I found out in this particular case was the GSA-4166 was gray/beige and the GSA-H20 was black?

Where are the differences between this drives… :confused:



Do both of these drives support UDMA 4? I know the LG 4166 does and so does the HP 740i which is the 4166 without Ram support.

H20 claims 2x LightScribe. Doesn’t know what this represents - I hope that it will speed-up the labeling.

different chipset and opu…h20l have nevest version panasonic chipset and opu form sony (4166 - sanyo)

Where did you see the LightScribe 2X stuff ?

The H20L seems to be the next generation version of the 4166B, in the same way the H10A seems to a follow up model to the 4167B.

For exemple here in the drive specs…

These specs are partialy wrong… The LG GSA-4166 does 8X DVD+R DL on Verbatim MKM003 (see cdfreaks 4166 review : http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/262/7 ), and they are saying the H20L is only a 6X burner on DVD+R DL…