Difference DVD2ONE MAC - WINDOWS with Pics!


here is a small info regarding the differences between Macversion (DVD2ONEx) and the WINDOWS-Version with screenshots comparing the compression-quality in FULL-DVD mode.

check this out:


i think the problem you talk about with rip on Mac is the method to check CSS keys before decode with these (great)softs.

Some Majors use different CSS keys on the same vob or use CSS keys on menu

  1. DVD backup check the first key of every files (vob) and use it for all this file.
  • for that you get a problem with menu.
  1. OseX use the same method as default, but you can force to check as
    Chapter,Cells or VoBu with the OPT bottom.
  • Personally, i use Vobu check and i rip DVD folders (and not image) it’s more
    speed and you can use directicly with Dvd2One without mounting image.
  1. It’s better to have two GOOD softs for in comparaison of hundred medium or bad soft on Wintel. (my point of vue… ;))

  2. Excuse my bad english, my usually language is french.


What are you trying to proof here?

Both Mac and PC version use exact the same engine, the only difference is one is compiled for mac the other for pc.

Hi Rene,
No problem with DVD2One it’s very great soft with Mac or PC. :smiley:
The “rip” method it’s the only difference.

Have you see my thread “suggestion for macosX” ?

for the case that someone didn`t see the point. i want to PROOF here that there is NO DIFFERENCE between compression quality on WINDOWS/MACOSX.

I was just interested to see if there is a difference, nothing more, maybe a lot of people didn`t have the opportunity to compare on both systems, thats why i put the screenshots online.

Some people just have to much time on their hands :wink: