Difference betwen 223f and 223q?



Hello first of all!

I’m eager to buy new recorder but also a bit confused about multiple models that i have no idea what is difference between those so I’m asking for your help.

I’m was looking forward to buy Samsung’s S223Q model because it has Lighscribe functionality. So I’m asking for opinion about this recorder and also if this one is the newest from Samsung recorders. Should i consider to buy some other Samsung model as S223f?

Thanks in advance! David. :slight_smile:


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You already know the difference between the two–the Q has LightScribe, and the F doesn’t. That’s all. :flower:

Some are less than impressed with the write quality of the 22x drives in comparison with the 20x drives [S202/S203], and would prefer their S203 drives for writing over their S223 drives.

However, that’s not saying that there is anything really wrong with the S223’s writing quality [such as failed burns, unreadable burns at reasonable speeds, etc], just that other drives have done the same media better. :slight_smile:


Cheers Albert.

One more question regarding writing quality. Can i expect that writing quality will get improved through firmware update?


Personally, I dont think so. Samsung isnt known for releasing many or good firmware updates.


[QUOTE=Womi;2096524]Samsung isnt known for releasing many or good firmware updates.[/QUOTE]

I love the cold-blooded truth of this statement. :bigsmile: