Difference between Verbatim Music CD-R and Verbatim normal CD-R

Hi guys,

I want to buy some CD-Rs to burn my FLAC tracks. I would like to get a good quality CD-R which can provide me high quality audio.

Whats the difference between:

  1. Verbatim Music CD-R
  2. Verbatim CD-R Super AZO Crystal

The only difference I can see is the rated speed. So which one is better for audio?

And also, whats the best speed to burn audio? I’m a little confused after reading some threads which say “slow write speeds on modern drives = no good” and “Burn at 1x to get best audio”.


I’ve already found my answer at the Media FAQ thread…sorry

thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: Someone please close/delete this thread. Thank you!