Difference between the firmware




can you please advise what the difference is between Liggy’s firmware and the stock firmware for AD7241S v1.03



My firmwares contain patches for bitsetting DVD+R and DVD+RW discs and there are also patched versions dealing with DVD region coding (RPC1 or Auto-Reset Firmwares)

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Thanks for your reply.

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what is better (hassle free for end user)

RPC1 or Auto-Reset Firmwares)


IMO, it’s RPC1 in the end.

It’s the question if you really need it or not.

Do you know the differences RPC1 <> Autoreset RPC2?


[QUOTE=chef;2620320]IMO, it’s RPC1 in the end.
[/QUOTE]I beg to differ. On Windows 7 systems, some applications (like DVD playback software and similar) seem to cause trouble if there is a RPC1 drive present.
So, if there is the need for multi-region playback, I’d vote for RPC2-Autoreset along with a player software that does not use region coding.



[QUOTE=mciahel;2620345]along with a player software that does not use region coding.[/QUOTE]
As far as I know, DVD player software is supposed to leave the region coding to the drive if it’s RPC2, hence having unlimited changes if the drive is RPC2 auto-reset. However I wouldn’t place bets that every player software works this way. :disagree: