Difference between the A08-J & A08XL?

I just wanted to know what the difference was between these 2 drives. On the japanese site you have the Pioneer DVR-A08-J . And on the American/European Pioneer sites, you have the Pioneer DVR-A08XL.

They look the same, and the specs of them are the same, is there any difference? The reason I ask is because I have the opportunity to get the A08-J on import from Japan, and would like to know that I am not restricting myself when it comes to firmware updates. As a search for firmware downloads only give me 108 downloads, or A08XL, no mention of A08-J.

Much thanks for anyones help or advise.

They are the same drive, only the A08J is made in Japan while the US/EU A08XL drives are made in other Asian countries. As for firmware for the A08J, check here: http://wwwbsc.pioneer.co.jp/device/fset_dev.html

Though I have a feeling you can use firmware from the US/EU sites on an A08J since they’re the same…

Thank you for your reply Two Degrees.

Hmmm, seems I may have to drop pioneer an email and pose the question to them. Does anyone have any experience with email reply from them?
I’m in the UK, so they may be curious as to why I would want to buy an imported japanese dvd-writer.

Just in case your wondering why I’m going through so much trouble to get a japanese drive, it’s because i want a silver coloured A08, and since Pioneer Europe dont do them, and all the US retailers are now discontinuing this item, I’m really left with no choice… Unless of course anyone is offering to send me over an A08-XLC and we can sort out a price.

i have a firmware that makes the 108 into 108xl.

Yeah, LOL.
After the flashing you can use your drive as an expensive doorstop.

Can’t speak for the rest of the world, but in Oz they are very good, all my e-mailed queries have received responses within 48 hours, and usually within 24 hours, and they haven’t been “form letter” responses either.

A couple of times they have even phoned me to discuss my e-mailed queries.