Difference between Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4x and 8x?



Ok, I am about to purchase TY’s from blankmedia.ca but I cannot decide whether to get 4x ones r 8x ones.

Price wise the difference is rather large, I want to get 100 of these.



I want to get the 4x ones because I know I will never burn at 8x, I find 4x to be my safezone, nothing higher.

Also someone mentioned that 4x maybe “Value” types and they are TYG01.
8x types would ensure me of getting TYG02 which is better?

But on the other hand I have bought RITEKG05’s before they are the 8x ones and my LG-4160B burner only allows me to burn them at either 4x or 8x and nothing else, so will this also happen if I buy these TY 8x ones?
It would be ok I guess because I would be burning them at 4x anyways.

so what do you guys suggest?

My Burner:
Fw: A303 (latest)


My TYG02 burns great, I have never tried it at 4x but it is definatly good quality media. Guess it’s really your choice but if you get a faster burner you will probably be stuck with slower burns with the TYG01. I dont think Ritek G05 even compares to the quality of TY anymore. Go with the TYG02 IMO.:wink:


The pricing is what is really holding me back you know, like what is the main difference between TYG01 and TYG02? They’re both made and manufactured directly from Taiyo Yuden in Japan.

Is there a dye difference resulting in different qualities between the 2 G01 and G02?

I’ll probably end up going with 8x and dishing out almost $80


If you don’t plan on burning at 8x then go with the G01’s. No point paying $20 more for the 8x ones. It is true that it could be value vs. premium but there isn’t THAT much of a quality difference between them. :wink:


Like I said it’s really personal preference. Take a look at some of the scans in chas0039’s sig for comparison.http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=944227&postcount=57. Sorry chas0039, but you have good examples.:wink:


I have experienced bad results by underburning some TY, I dont know about the -R’s but with +R’s this applies. Fuji even informs you on their label that burning 8x media at 4x can cause errors, Failures in retrieval of data, or damage to the data recored on this medium.

I would go with the 4x if that is what speed you are going to burn at.


Hey, no need to apologize. I am flattered that some of what I did was of value. By all means, steal my posts any time.

On the question, I would go with TYG01. I have burned a lot of both and I find that the G01 is better at 4X and it is also a very high quality burn at 8X. A lot depends on your drive, but for mine, this is the case. I can get both for the same price when I order the Value media and I would prefer G01 anytime.


Well now I’m a little confused… I really want to give the 8x TYG02’s a try but at the same time in the back of my head I’m keep thinking that if I burn more then 4x then I am really at jeopardy of having my DVD’s not reading properly and/or not lasting a couple years.

But you know if the TYG02’s like to be burned at 8x then I will burn at 8x.

Hmm… now if I purchase the TYG01’s and burn at 4x then I am safe, but now the TYG01’s might be “Value” value doesn’t as superior to “Premium” thats another thing that is bothering me.

Value just doesnt sound as good premium.