Difference between standard Taiyo Yuden and Professional

On online shops selling Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs I have encountered two types listed; the standard TY and the TY Professional. For example: Taiyo Yuden CD-R 700 MB full printable 48x - 100 pcs and Taiyo Yuden Professional CD-R 700 MB full printable silver 48x - 100 pcs. Obviously there is a difference in price.

Does anyone know the difference between the two, please? I thought that TY media is always professional quality, if we ignore the old value line, as long as by standard, they don’t mean value line.

You have links for these? What’s the actual TY part number for each?

Link for TYs:


According to the website the standard are J-CDR80WPPB600SK-B and the professional are J-CDR80SPP100SK.

Well, the “Professional” part number checks out to JVC’s site. link

Maybe try contacting them via the link on their site and asking them?