Difference between Spindle and Tapewrapped?

Hello everyone, seeing that my new dvd burner (BenQ 1655) is arriving on Thursday I was looking into buying some quality media for it. I have looked at www.rima.com and www.supermediastore.com and found some ok prices. I was wondering if theres a quaility difference between:

TY DVD-R 4X 100 Pack Tape Wrapped

and the…

TY DVD-R 8x 50 Pack Spindle

In your opinion which would be a better buy? Keep in mind I don’t care about speed so don’t let that effect your decision. This is more a question on whether there is a difference in quality with the actual media.

The spindle will in most cases always provide better protection of the discs. I bought some shrink wrapped discs earlier this year, every single disc was damaged in both packs.

All TY in 100-ct will be shrink-wrapped, 50-ct will be spindle. You will find that Rima is very careful in packaging wrapped media, and you won’t have any trouble with it as long as you handle it appropriately.
As for the media, there’s no difference.

The Supermedia stuff is value-line, so yes it could be of a lesser quality than what Rima sells. The 8x TY -R at Rima is an excellent deal for premium grade TY, and is , IMHO, a better valie than the value line from anywhere else, (regardless of the price). Rima does not sell value-line TY.

Thank you for both of your responses. I just ordered 2 of the 50 pack 8X DVD-R from Rima. Now the long wait till thursday when I recieve the burner and the media.

Is there any way to tell if the TYs are value line?

I was under the impression all tape wrap is value line. Spindles are not. Maybe, maybe not, not been paying that close attention lately.

Any reputable seller will state they are value line. But in the event the seller is not reputable, or just ignorant, TY has over-stamped the hub number to identify value-line.

I was under the impression all tape wrap is value line.

Wrong. All 100-ct is wrapped. Some sellers offer 2x 50-ct spindles and call it 100-ct. The only way to get 100-ct TY on a spindle is from brands like Fuji or TDK.

In europe we do have TY disc’s comming in 100 pcs spindles. So things might be different.

I bought a 200 pack deal from supermedia of TYG03 that came in 4 x 50spindles.
They look exactly like the rima picture(exactly). There’s no quality difference
between them and the other 400 ordered in shrink wrap, matter of fact
most of my TYG01(first order scanned 98-99, a little better than the 02 or 03.

I submitted a TYG03 burned with LG4163 to the benq 16x dare. I have received all three shipments promptly and in excellent shape.

where do you look for the hub number?

JL522A202789PG(hard to read)

these are the numbers on my TY


Do they even have non-value 100ct tape wraps? A lot of places sell in the 100’s, but you get 50-piece spindles. I don’t even recall seeing tape wrapped TY prior to the value line. Ritek was the only one I remember that did it regularly. Even Prodisc was on a spindle.

There are tape wrapped and cakebox for TYG02, YUDENT02, TYG03. how do you know which are value line?

One more time: all 100-ct TY are wrapped. I get them from Rima all the time. They also sell 2x 50ct, but they always specify which is which and it depends on the type of disc which packasge they have. Printables are usually wrapped.

There are tape wrapped and cakebox for TYG02, YUDENT02, TYG03. how do you know which are value line?

It says right on that page which is Value line. It’s the G01, and as often as not, you don’t get G01 but G02.

I recently ordered TYG02 (Value DVD-R) wrapped in tape from Shop4tech. They were placed in a bubble wrap when shipping and I received them in a good condition. These discs are great :clap:


I have gotten tape wrapped tyg01 and tyg02 100’s from shop4tech - and have gotten Ricoh R01’s from AllMediaStore-

So far - all have worked and QS’ed great and I have saved a ton of money-

Life is good-