Difference between Sony Q120 and G120

some months ago I buyed a sony G120, flashed it to Liteon 165P6S and everything is working fine.

now i buyed a second Sony, but a Sony Q120. But after flashing with the LiteOn 165P6S Firm, the drives LED is blinking, not working, but will be detect as LiteOn 165P6S.

…so I think, the Sony Q120 is another drive model, but which? Can somebody help me?

The Sony DW-Q120A is the same as the LiteOn SHW-160P6S drive.


DW-[B]Q[/B]120A = SH[B]W[/B]-16[B]0P[/B]6S
DW-[B]G[/B]120A = SH[B]M[/B]-16[B]5P[/B]6S (+ DVD-RAM support)
DW-[B]G[/B]12[B]1[/B]A = SH[B]M[/B]-16[B]5H[/B]6S (+ DVD-RAM support and Lightscribe)


THX, so my shop made a mistake…

…they sold the Sony Q120 with DVD-RAM Support and I didn´t thought there was a difference to the G120.

Anyway to flash back to PYR2 FW from Sony?

I´ve found A Sony Stock, THX.

BTW, the drive worked as 160P6S…But that´s not the Drive i wanted, I try to change it.