Difference between Sony CRX215A1 and CRX215E1

What is the difference between the Sony CRX215A1 and CRX215E1? I48x24x48. I purchased a drive that was manufactured in October this year and it is the CRX215A1 and want to overclock it with a firmware upgrade. I got the modified lite-on/sony firmware from http://kickme.to/sony210 so that it would keep the sony name, made a backup of the old firmware, then flashed with SS09/CRX215E1, which is the same speed but different name… Now the name shows up as CRX215E1 rather than CRX215A1. So, what does the ‘E’ mean? Should I go ahead and flash to the Lite-on/Sony 52x24x52? What are the pro/cons if I just flash to the Lite-on only 52x24x52 version? I tried searching the forums for previous posts on this topic and couldn’t find any that answered my questions.

Finally, I haven’t looked for info, but what applications can I use to test the quality of my burns? It’s interesting that I have an old BCD 36X that can play the burned cd’s but the audio has little glitches where it clicks but the Sony burner plays the cd-r’s just fine.
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Are you calling your burner a CRX215A1 because that’s what it says on the box or because that’s what it is called in Device Manager or Nero InfoTool? It says CRX215A1 on the box, but the drive is actually a CRX215E1 most of the time. Can you please email me the old firmware that you backed up so I can take a look? What was the firmware version?

I wished I had paid more attention, but I believe it was called a Sony CRX215A1 in Device Manager (also, that’s what the box says). It was striking to see it change to E1, so I’m probably correct in what I’m saying. The firmware version i flashed was SS09/CRX215E1 from http://kickme.to/sony210 . The old was listed as SYS2 in bios and one of the cdspeed utilities. I have just flashed to 6S08/CRX220E1. If I were to flash to the pure 6S08, what difference would that make?

Ignore the rest unless interested in how I got, moral at end is to upgrade software before bitching about firmware.

Symptoms: I decided to flash to 6S08/CRX220E1 from http://kickme.to/sony210 . The software package B’s Recorder Gold 5 and B’s Clip for the drag and drop no longer recognized the drive. I tried uninstalling and re-installing it. I’m running windows xp without any service packs yet… I also read something from the software maker’s website about removing any third-party aspi managers or the software won’t work. I searched for some specific files that it said to search for and didn’t find any, but it was working before firmware upgrade so I suspect that is not a problem.

Solution: Software website says support for CRX220E1 was added recently. Downloaded software upgrade from http://www.bhacorp.com/download/gold5_w/up_eng.html . Will reset and re-post how this worked.

Upgrading software fixed B’s Recording Software problem. Drive recognized as 52x max write. I’m still wondering if it matters if I use the plain lite-on firmware rather than the mixed 6S08/CRX220E1 firmware?

Last problem is B’s clip software for the cd-rw support. Company website says to disable windows xp support for recording. I wonder if it would just be better not to use B’s clip which replaces xp’s software?


I just looked at your old firmware and it was CRX215E1 firmware :smiley:

I’ve confirmed that the software for doing the drag and drop into cd-rw’s is not compatible with the CRX220E firmware so what burning software should I buy?

Thankfully, downloading the correct b’s clip update worked in xp after i downloaded the wrong one.

A1 is when you buy retial box.

E1 is when its bought in bulk & sold through channel partners.

  • This is confirmed from a sony distributor. Both are the same drives, just that sony uses different names when sold through retail or bulk.