Difference between Sony AW-Q170A and AW-G170A

does anyone know the difference between these 2 drives?

Q doesn’t and G does have DVD-RAM support (should be similar to the 120A, even if this is an Optiarc and not a LiteOn).

so, all the firmwares for the Sony G/NEC/Optiarc drives wont apply to this one?

How do you mean? The only difference is in DVD-RAM support. DVD-RAM is a unique disc format, different from DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW.

Optiarc = NEC + Sony, but a NEC badged drive has NEC firmware and a Sony badged drive has Sony firmware (even if they are hardware identical units). Possibly you can crossflash between the two, but this will void your warranty.

Lite-On firmwares and tools don’t apply to these drives.

They won’t.*

  • Your chances are low that it is actually possible to go an unsupported and inofficial modding path.

You can easily exchange AW-G170 with 7170 firmwares and the same should be possible with AW-Q170 and 5170 firmwares. But there’s probably not much that you will gain.

i flashed my AW-G170 with a 7170 firmware just to stop the sodding LED flashing contantly during a burn.

I would assume this statement to be no longer true, bitsetting???

sorry to bring this subject back up but searches for the Q170 yield little here

As far as I remember, the Sony firmwares have bitsetting commands version 2, just like NEC oops Optiarc. Which means you can only change the setting on DVD+R-DL