Difference between SOHR - 5238S and LTR - 52327S

Does anyone knows what are the differences between LTR - 52327S and SOHR - 5238S? They are both 52x 32x 52x! If SOHR - 5238S is better than i will make sure i get one instead of the LTR - 52327S!
This i think is a good choice to replace my LG GCE-8525B wich after the first firmware upgrade doesn´t support more than “Multiword DMA Mode 2” and as a consequence can´t achieve 52X, both reading and writing!
Will not buy LG anymore, after two bad experiences with firmware upgrades on GCE-8400B and this one. LG sucks!

There probably won’t be any performance differences at all. The SOHR-5238S is a newer design.

By newer design you mean, the exterior aspect of the drive?
I am very curious about the real differences!

No, the outside is unchanged, the insides are changed.

What is changed inside?
Do you know?

Isn’t the difference that the 52327 only reads CDs while the 5238 also reads DVDs but can only write to CDs?

Chips, PUH, PCB layout… stuff that doesn’t matter to you.

The SOHR-5238S is not a combo drive.

Also, the write strategies for 24x/32x CD-RW have changed from P-CAV to Z-CLV! :slight_smile:


Go to Start -> settings -> Control Panel -> System-> Device Manager -> IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers -> Secondary IDE channel and right click mouse button -> uninstall. Reboot and WIN XP will reinstall them and fix it.

Dosent have anything to do with LG.

Isn´t P-CAV faster than Z-CLV?

Already tried that and didn´t work!
Tried reinstall OS (Win XP) and didn´t work too!
Thanks anyway!

Do you have the liteon as master and lg as slave? Try swapping it. Or try it as a master alone. Try changing the cable. Sometimes where in the chain on the cable it is makes a difference. Your problem has nothing to do with LG. Many people have the same problem. It is easy to fix. Since I have fixed the very same problem with multiple devices. Mine was a liteon prob until it got fixed. It just does not want to work with the lg. Since the LG was there first, The liteon had to go outdoors. So it got its own USB case. Its not happy but who cares. A dog has to take what it can get and not complain. But it does. I just dont pay any attention to it anymore :smiley:

All my drives are set as “master alone” i.e one drive per IDE Channel set as master. Including the three optical drives on my signature, a Zip drive and my hardrive wich is SATA. So i have an extra PCI Ultra ATA 133 Controller card! A “Silicon Image SiI 0680 ATA/133 Controller” to be more precise. Tried to connect the LG drive to every IDE channel that i have, tried 8 different IDE Cables or more (at least 8 where counted). Tried on another motherboard (The one i had before upgrading). All this gives the same very bad result! You already know the result!
It must be the drive. This shit only hapened after upgrading the firmware. Now with every version of the firmware available online, it´s always “Mutiword DMA Mode 2”.
This is the second drive from LG wich gives me a bad experience.
The first one was LG GCE-8400B wich came with support for “Mount Rainier”. I find “Mount Rainier” very useful and really make use of this feature! Well somehow LG decided to remove support for it! And after a firmware upgrade, and a try with every version of the firmware available online, there was no “Mount Rainier” for anyone!
After two disapointments i decide not to buy LG optical drives anymore.
Thats why instead of buying the LG GSA DVD Writer wich offered support for DVD-RAM, i bought the Lite-On SOHW-832S wich doesn´t.

@engine, I notice you have Lite-On SOHW-832S &
JLMS XJ-HD166S like me, and you are going to get the 5238S or LTR - 52327S. Which drive is better at reading scratched/dirty/protected CDs?

I also have the Sony CRX216e. It is better than the JLMS XJ-HD166S at reading EFM or protected CDs. But 832s seems to be the best at the moment. Could 5238S be better? I hear rumor that there is one Lite-On can read sudic 3.1 or later. Is it the 5238s?

Well i will buy a cd burner because they are not so much expensive right now. And it will burn cds at 52X and CD-rw at 32X and because of the support for Mount Rainier Cd wich my 832S doesn´t support.
Since the 5238S is newer i will make sure it is one. I plan to buy it in less than a month.
By the way the LG one is out of here. I will remove it from my signature soon.
About your question. The answer is i don´t know!
Did you tried to search for reviews?