Difference between SOHR-5238S and LTR-52327S



can anyone tell me if there is any difference between these two drives. from what i can tell,according to liteon.com, the 5238s is just shorter depth?

I was looking at liteon.com again, and compairing the features, i noticed that the 52327s has “Use FlashROM supports internet firmware upgrade” listed as a feature…

does anyone have any experience with the 5238s?

liteon’s product descriptions:





Do you they both do protection i.e. Safedisc etc the same?


For anyone who might read this and be interested, the 5238s appears to be the new version of the 52327s.


Ironically, i found a post from these forums…hrmph, must have been dreaming when i first searched… :stuck_out_tongue:

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