Difference between SlySoft and Elaborate Bytes?

I noticed just now that I download AnyDVD from SlySoft, but CloneDVD from Elaborate Bytes.

This may’ve been discussed before (I couldn’t find the discussion here), but why are there 2 different companies? Does this have to do with legality issues concerning AnyDVD, or are the pieces of software actually written by two separate entities?

  • Tim

go to the bottom of the page below and you should get your answer


Thanks! It doesn’t say, though, if the two versions of CloneDVD are the same (i.e. the elby version versus the slysoft version). It says they “continue development”, but it doesn’t say how, or on which piece of software.

  • Tim

yes they are the same.

by continue development, they mean that slysoft has Continued development of Elby’s product. This means that Elby no longer develops it. Slysoft does.

same product, different company.

Thanks rnr! That clears it all up.

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I guess so - One is Sly the other’s Elaborate :wink: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I was under the impression Elby (Olli) still develops Clonedvd2, and Slysoft is a reseller (at least I know that was the case, originally when Slysoft started selling Clonedvd) of the same program. It seems plausible to me that both Elby and Slysoft develop this program now (but I’m not sure).

I know Anydvd was originally developed by Elby, but it is now developed by Slysoft. Similarly, Olli was also the original developer of Clonecd . . .

Clonedvd doesn’t circumvent any copy protection at all; as such, the development and sales of that product didn’t have to leave Switzerland due to legal complications. But in terms of buying the product, Slysoft offers better deals–especially package deals.

eh whatever. they have a close business relationship and if either comany’s name is on a product, it’s good stuff. That’s all we need to know :slight_smile:

I believe that statement on Slysoft is really referring to CloneCD. I think Slysoft was only started to house/develop CloneCD, and what we know now as AnyDVD.

Slysoft is a reseller for CloneDVD.

And Olli doesn’t take credit for what Elaborate does… He is not the only programmer.

James (Slysoft here on CDF) routinely offers support and issues patches and updated .DLLs for clonedvd when people report problems on the forums…I’d say it’s pretty clear that slysoft has a hand in developing CloneDVD2 as well…

What statement?

And Olli doesn’t take credit for what Elaborate does… He is not the only programmer.

“Original author of CloneCD and CloneDVD Author” is what Olli states under his avatar when he posts. I have no doubt Olli doesn’t take full credit for the development of these products, but he was the original author for all of them (including Anydvd, but it was called something else back then), as far as I am aware.

The statement on Slysoft’s site, under the FAQ:

Is Slysoft a new company from Elby?

No. We’re a software company on the beautiful island Antigua. We have our own management and software development team. We purchased software from Elaborate Bytes and continue the development. Our relationship to Elby is purely business-based.
I believe this statement was meant for CloneCD and (now called) AnyDVD. I do not think it actually included CloneDVD.

I haven’t been around for a while, it could have changed.


I am not trying to pick a fight, so if I’m wrong… I’m wrong. I went back and looked at a post with a fix offered. It could be that Slysoft reported the error, Elby made a quick fix for Slysoft to test, and Slysoft offered the fix for anyone else who may have wanted to test. Or allow them to burn without reinstalling a previous version.

Nope not picking a fight here either but there is a clonedvd and a clonecd plus anydvd. They are different except clone DVD and ClonCD are somewhat the same(only somewhat)…

Yeah, anydvd and clonecd are now developed by Slysoft (before they were developed by Elby; the switch came about due to legal issues). When Slysoft first started selling Clonedvd, Elby was the developer–and Slysoft was a reseller of that product. Whether that’s still the case, I have no idea.

was anydvd called something else earlier on?

[B], 2003 07 03

  • First public release

from anydvd’s history[/B]

Yes, it was referred to as Region Killer Pro briefly on Elby’s website a long time ago. Region Killer Pro was never released, and the reference to Region Killer Pro was removed without the program being released under that name. It’s now known as Anydvd. Anydvd was (sort of) an updated version of Region Killer.


thanks webslinger, i never knew that :bow: