Difference between SH-S222A SAxx and SBxx firmware

This question is probably slightly off topic, but I was wondering does anyone know if there is a hardware difference between the SH-S222A’s that have firmware revision SA00 and the ones that feature the SB series of firmware? The reason I ask is I’m hoping to use this utility to possibly crossflash my SA00 firmware based drive with the latest SB series firmware, I would like to utilize some of the features of this patcher to possibly improve the performance of the drive (currently verifying burned files with CDBurnerXP takes approximately 30 minutes even though it only takes around 6 minutes to burn a full DVD5 data dvd, I’m assuming this is related somehow to the ‘riplock’ feature that I saw mention of in a previous reply, and would like to disable that feature if possible). I’m leery of attempting to crossflash the drive without knowing if there is indeed a hardware difference or not. I’m not looking to gain much other than improved verify times at this point, aside from possibly fixing the ‘Program Memory Area Update Failure’ error I recently started receiving on my other SH-S222A drive (also with the SA00 firmware), Samsung has apparently abandoned the SA series of firmware and is not allowing their SB series of firmware to be flashed to drives that contain the SA series (or any other series other than SB for that matter). I’m not entirely new to firmware flashing, I have flashed several different drives over the years, I’ve just never really learned about actually modifying the firmware myself. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide me with, and again I apologize for being slightly off topic on this.


[QUOTE=bartman2589;2270659]This question is probably slightly off topic, [/QUOTE]That’s why I moved this to a new thread :wink:


Quick update for anyone interested, I decided to go ahead and try the patched version of the SB01 firmware on my second SH-S222A drive (the one that was giving me the ‘Program Memory Area Update Failure’ errors), and after burning a few discs I think I can successfully report that the drive is behaving appropriately (still receiving the PMAUF errors though) :frowning: So basically the drive is no worse off for the crossflash, I will be trying it on my main SH-S222A drive shortly (I was busy burning a disc with it until just a moment ago) after which I will burn some more discs and post a simple summary here (just things like whether I was able to gain better verify rates and such, not too keen on all the charts and graphs really, I prefer the K.I.S.S. method when possible).

Well the verify rates still suck, so about the only benefit I’ve gained as far as I can tell is the fact that I’m not stuck with a firmware version that’s seemingly been abandoned by Samsung anymore, if they release a new version in the SBxx series I should be able to upgrade easily now at least. I don’t rip DVD’s so I have no idea if disabling the ‘riplock’ setting actually made a difference for me or not. I’ll try to post more later if I find out something new.