Difference between SH/S182D and SH/S182M



Excuses for Cross-posting, won’t happen again!

Anynone knows this difference, I’m curious technically.
(You know Wen…? :flower: )

I was an Optiarc fan 7173, but after a week it went slow, and bad Lead-Ins.
So I didn’t trust the corp. of NEC/SONY anymore… and any great trademark now has same poss. as 7173.

I now use the “PLEXTOR” Taiyo Yuden T03 with my NECs 3520/3540 and my new Samsung.

Thanks in Advance, Harry


SH-S182[B]M[/B] supports Lightscribe, SH-S182[B]D[/B] does not. That’s all.



Thanks a lot, Michael.