I have read a few post about this but everyone refers to sao and dao i dont have an option in dvdfab for dao and ive been using packet writing and having probdlems with my sony and pioneer dvd player playing movies i have the latest firmware on my dvd burner and the latest version of dvdfab can anyone help please i wanna purchase this product but if it doesnt work then i will not buy it.

also i have a sony dru-590 burner and i use hp 8x dvd-r media i used dvd shrink in the past same media and burner with no problems now that ive tried dvd fab movies will no play after burning using packet writing.

Try Here: http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/23595


yes i see ur post but that link does not tell me what PACKET writing is. all i want to know is what will work better sao or packet using my burner and media

You may want to try burning using both sao/packet methods of writing, that way you can see which works best for the configuration you have setup. It’s also possible that your burner might not be fully compatible with packet writing.

What problems are you experiencing exactly ? Try posting the error codes or error log of the troubles you’re having. A little more info is always helpful.

DAO Disc At Once(burn ISO)
SAO Session At Once
TAO Track At Once
Packet requires software that will format the disc. From what I have read ISO(DAO) is the most reliable. One advantage of packet is the packets do not have to be same size. Below are 2 sites on packet. Like you I have little knowledge of the different formats. What little I do know came off a google search.




yes but my problem is that dvdfab express does not offer any other options than packet and sao writing so would packet on this program be either of the two options u mentioned on this post. and thanks sorry for being such a newbie but i searched and came up with a whole lot of dead ends and no logical conclusion

Fengtao will have to answer that one. I think Express is packet but Gold has option to create an ISO for DOA.


Agree with dmp31. I’ve used both packet and sao modes with virtually no discernible difference. I know that the default setting in fab is packet. As dmp31 said, it is burner dependent, so again, recommend that you experiment with both modes…use a rw disc and see what’ up… Post back with specifics and we’ll try to help

Also this link: