Difference between -r and +r dvd discs?

oops, I just found some info that may answer my question…



(before I found my answer…)

I just bought a LG 4167B USB External drive (yes, it is really an IDE in an enclosure…), and bought my first recordable DVD Discs. Up until now I used my still working Mitsumi CDR Burner I bought around 7 years ago. When I went to purchase the DVD’s (great sales at Frys) I asked what is the difference between -r and +r dvd discs. Which still left me confused. I ended up leaving with the -R type. I will mostly be using them for backup of different software, files, etc…

I have ran searches looking for info and did not find my answer on Yahoo or Google. I also searched here and did not find the answer.

A couple people said the one was for compatability with older drives, one was better for burning movies.

Any better info out there? Thank you.

Can you find a thread called “The difference between DVD-R and DVD+R” in our media forum ?

It did not come up in the 5x searches I did. Neither in yahoo or google before that. In fact not one link came up at all…

sorry, I can’t read what’s not there…
thanx though…

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