Difference between Plextor Premium and Premium 2


I’d like to know the “main” advantages of the Plextor Premium 2 in compare with the “old” version? I know the new version supports the “PlexEraser” stuff for CDs, but is the burn quality for CDs compareable?

Is the Premium 2 worth the much money?

Any suggestions?


help you easy to understand
P.S Very hard to get some country / Very high price

Is the Yamaha CRW-F1 as good as Premium? CRW-F1 was very high price too.

Interesting i have both and just got them today. Yes very expensive.

I don’t know very much about them. Here’s an attempt to burn a TY @52X

What do you think?

I don’t mean to steal your thread :o but i thought you might be interested :slight_smile:

Pay no attention to the CPU usage as i’m folding :wink:

I got two premium 2 today total price $303 :doh:
I spent more than $1000 June and July for buying only ODD
( 4 plextor product ) :bigsmile:

yeah you are the one that twisted my arm :bigsmile: You have them fitted yet? I just have the one in this pc at the moment. Might put both in to do some testing :smiley:

Better than my first P2 :clap: :clap: :clap:
oops it is not premium2
I will get premium CD writer soon as I can :doh:

I try to buy Yamaha CD writer last year
Price was $600 internal new retail box…

And here is an attempt @52X with the Premium 2.

These are first burns with them. Might as well see how they do at max with decent media.

Looks like the original Premium does the best so far.

Anyone have newer firmware than i have showing these scans?

No folding running for this burn.

You must be kidding. I bought mine (new retail) in 2003 for $160.

@rolling56, I think the Premium line focuses on audio burning. Good high speed data burning is not selling point.

I will burn a few audio discs with them also. I have only just begun :bigsmile:

@th_mi do you want me to start a different thread? Let me know :slight_smile:

Anyone have an answer to my firmware question?

I only used it for burning audio CDs @ very slow speed w/ AMQR… it was wasted tech on me, actually, and it’s sitting somewhere in my closet. I think my original Plexwriter Premium is a better all-around drive especially at higher speeds. Funny, but I only pull the Premium out on special occasions… an LTR-52327S does most of my day-to-day CD burning.

I think I paid just over $180 in 2003.

I’m actually dying to see some more Prem2 scans, just to tempt myself into buying what’s probably the last of the great Plextor drives. :iagree:

A little bit off topic. What is the ebay value for a used crw-f1, now?

I didn’t buy because it was $600 each ( with shipping charge ) :doh:
because I didn’t open 3 760A drive :bigsmile:
3 years later least $300 more :smiley:

It has not been published. You’ll have to contact Plextor support
but someone use 1.01 firmware :confused:

Do you have it? :flower:

No I didn’t contact Plextor

3 years 200% net returns - a pretty good investment. :cool: