Difference between plextor duplicators?

ive been looking around at different plextor 52x duplicators(1 to 2)… and my questions is this… is there any real difference between the companies who make them… they all have plextor drives with the burn proof in them…? they are all in the $500 range

also another question… is it really worth it to get the aluminum case for an extra $100 because its supposed to dispense heat better? or is that just bullsh*t?

id appreciate any tips anyone could give me… ! thanks

One of my systems I built is in an Extreme Overclocker and I used an aluminum case. Part of the extreme hobbie, good for a couple of degree drop. I wouldn’t pay an" EXTRA 100 bucks" for that in a duplicating machine. I’d spend $20 for a couple of good 120mm intake and exhaust fans .

Not real sure how to respond to the $500 Cd duplicating machines. How many 52x cd burners are in these machines ? With the price of burners at around $35 each you could load up a case , with a little building knowledge.

Just one mans opinion !

there is one 52x regular drive that you put the mastered cd in…
then there is 2 plextor burners which dupe the mastered cd…

heres a link to the product… if u know of a cheeper way to do this with keeping the burning speed at 52x and using plextor burners please let me know…


my computer is a few years now… i have an older plextor burner, but it only burns at 12x… would it be more cost affective to use my computer and put 2 plextor drives in my computer ?.. would i be able to link the 2 plextor burns to burn at the same time? i have a tall tower and have room for another device in my computer but im not that familar with linking burner drives as slaves… but like i said, the computer is a few years old would i still get the 52x burning power or would my computer not be able to handle it? i think im running a pentium 3 933? i bought the comp bak in 2001… i have room for more ram on my computer… would that help the burning…?


i appreciate any info you could give me… thanks again… sorry for all the newbie questions lol