Difference between original DVD video and DVD+R video

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I wanted to know what is the difference between the original DVD Video disc and a DVD movie copied on a DVD+R disc.

In fact i just bought a SONY DVD+Rewritable Drive to put on my PC. I’ve tried some software such as NERO, CloneDVD, DVD cloner, DVD Decryptor, WinCopyDVD etc. i’ve tried to burn a DVD+R video from an Original DVD video and i played it on the DVD drive. it was ok but when i tried to play it on my DVD player, it didn’t work: a “No Disc” message is displayed. in fact the DVD player plays all the VCDs, MP3s and other CDs copied from the DVD drive and the DVD player supports all Region DVDs also but i couldn’t play the cipoied DVD video on it.
Can anyone explain to me why i’m having this problem and how can play DVD+R video disc on my DVD player (made DUAL and Model DVD-118)

thanks in advance

Nero often has a problem burning complaint discs. I think they fixed it in later versions though. Make sure you are using the correct settings, I would tell you which ones if I could only rememeber.

In answer to your question, no, DVD+R has no differences in terms of DVD-Video specifications.

Thanks for your answer Discman

I’ve used the nero burning ROM version 6.0 i think. do you have an idea what other softwares can do the job, i’ve also tried Clone DVD, DVD cloner and DVD Decryptor but they didn’t work also.
Can you please tell me which software can do the job.

It is also to be noted that the DVD+R which i burnt on the above softwares worked properly on other DVD players but not on mine.

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Sorry but when I originally answered your question I didn’t read it properly. Didn’t realise you tried other software.

It could be your DVD player simply doesn’t like DVD+R discs. You could try using a DVD-R instead. Which brand of DVD player are you using?

Thanks for the info Discman!

The brand of my DVD player is DUAL and the model is DVD-118 and i bought it 3 yrs ago. You discussed about DVD-R and DVD+R, what is the difference between these two?
I have a SONY DW-U18A 8X DVD±RW/±R DRIVE, does this means that i can write a DVD-R video disc and it will work on my DVD player mentioned above?

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check out dvdrhelp and u’ll find a listing of various dvd players and what types (+ or -) of media that they are reported to handle.
Some drives just flat out refuse to play +Rs because the + confuses them. Try out the -R and see how that goes.
as to what’s the difference between + and -, go to the home page of cdfreaks, click articles and u’ll find it there.

Hi everybody!

As u said last time, i’ve burnt a DVD video disk using DVD-R disk but the problem is sitll the same, i’ve not been able to play it on my DVD player.
Do you think that my dvd player do not play DVD+/-R disks and play only original disks??? this is not the case with CD-R disks… i’ve created many Video CD disks and all of them plays.

I do not know what to try now because i’ve already tried everything…can anybody help me to find the problem??? PLease…

Thanks in advance

Try the dvd -/+ r on ur friends or cousins dvd player.
If it is able for them to play it, then its ur dvd players problem. I am sure its ur dvd player bacause I have had the same problem and after i bought an apex dvd player ( region free reads everything).

It’s gotta be your player. I do backups with DVD X COPY Xpress on DVD+RW, DVD+R and DVD-R and they all play in a cheap LG DV7711P that I got for $120 Aussie dollars. I just made sure it played all the formats when I bought it and got it about a year before I got my NEC ND2510a burner. I just don’t know if you can get LG in Mauritius, they’re a Korean company and I reckon they’d export to about anywhere, so check it out.