Difference between mp3 and mp3pro

im just wondering what the difference is between normal mp3 format and mp3pro…as far as i can notice mp3pro is compressed at a lower bit rate which only means low sound quality…or are there progs that are specialy supposed to play mp3pro??? would realy like some enlightment into that…thanx

why has MP3 PRO caught on? because you would think sense it is “pro” it is better. what is the deal?

mp3pro is meant for low bitrate, and I believe that at 64 kbit/s the quality is better than mp3 at the same bitrate. It uses something called Spectral Band Replication to extrapolate the higher kHz harmonics. This make 64 kbit/s mp3pro sound about equivalent to 112kbit/s mp3. As I have never used it, I can’t say this from personal experience.

I still use mp3 format, with LAME VBR -alt preset standard. I can’t identify a difference between the original CD and mp3 encoded by this method, although my ears are not as good as other people’s.

so are there any progs out there that are specially used to play the mp3pro format??

there are plugins for winamp for the mp3 pro format. if you ask me personally, i dislike the mp3 pro format. dunno why… :stuck_out_tongue:

well i dont realy like win amp…any other stand alone progs that can handle mp3 pro?? maybe add ons for media player??

mp3pro just takes an mp3pro codec to decode it, doesnt it? otherwise, its not of any use to anyone :wink:

My sincere request: Junk all shitty outdated audio formats and start using Musepack (MPC) or Ogg Vorbis (OGG)

An MP3 @ 128 kbits has artifacts. So there’s no use using MP3Pros at 64 kbps. Its like - I was bad and I’ll remain worse, but will save your disk space.