Difference between many Sata LG drives

Hello, i have read that a Sata - LG-Gh20 Modell use Renesas Chipset and a Sata LG GH 22 should use Panasonic Chipset.
On the used market there a many different drives from different production or firmware date.

GH22Ns30 Super Multi Logo and Secudisc on tray or below Feb 2009
Gh22NS40 only super multi logo oktober 2010
GH22NS50 only superwriter Logo December 2009
GH22NS90? Mo Logo Logo on tray or below (Dec 2011)

GHNp 20 Super Multi Logo and Secu disc label Oktober 2008
GHNp 21 only Super Multi Logo April 2011

Difference on these?
Are these all Panasonic Chipset drives? All are 22 x DVD Burner? Wich one has the better Media Support the older or the newer ones? Something other to know?

Thx and greeting from Gordon2017

These are the chipsets for all the 22x drives.

  • GH22NP20/21 : Panasonic MN103SD8GRA
  • GH22NS30 : Panasonic MN103SD9GRA
  • GH22NS40 : Renesas R8J32040FPV2
  • GH22NS50 : Renesas R8J32040FPV2
  • GH22NS70 : Renesas R8J32060FP2
  • GH22NS90 : MediaTek MT1839LN

Which one is better is anyone’s guess.

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Thank you very much!

I have two more special Questions.

  1. The more importent one:
    Can the LG22NS90 Scan Media with Nero Disc Speed or Optidrive Programm?

I have a LG GH-20NS15 and i also have older “ide” LG Gsa-h10 and LG Gsa-H42 drive. All uses Renesas Chipset but i dont know wich versions without opening the drives.
I have a few 90 min verbatim and intenso 90 min cds still here.
Did the Renesas Chipset on “Sata” drives looses the function to overburn CD´s? The ide drives can overburn up to 90 min. The GH20Ns15 can read burned 90 min cds but when i try to burn them the cancel the burning progress at the ~80min mark.
Sorry for the bad english. Greetings Gordon2017

Although the GH22NS90 uses the MTK chipset, but LG DVD drives weren’t meant to be used for scanning with CDSpeed or OptiDriveControl.

GH20NS15 uses R8J32030HFPV chipset. I don’t know which Renesas chipsets the H10 and H42 drives use. I’ve had a few H10 drives and its variants before and they were pretty good regarding burn quality, similar to the old 4163B.

Overburning CD was popular at one point, but I don’t know when support stopped.