Difference between LiteOn LTD-163/165/166s/167T 16xDVD/48xCD?

Hi hardware freaks,

I want to buy one of these drives LiteOn LTD-163/165/166s/167T 16xDVD/48xCD at an online shop. In their product description they write that there is no difference between all of them just that the 165H can read RAM and they got different “length”, don’t know the english word. I’m using my drives mostly for PC game backups and ripping some DVD movies, so what would be the best choice? Thanks for your help in advance :bigsmile:

My 166S reads RAM too.

Thanks for the info fairyliquidizer :slight_smile:

The best choice would be the latest model, the 167T. There’s no reason to buy an older generation.

Thanks dhc014, will do this :slight_smile:

Well there are rumors that the 167T can’t read DVD-RAM, don’t know if it’s true.

When will CDFreaks review this new drive???

From Nero Info tool my 165H DVD rom drive reads DVDRam also but to tell ya! the truth when the hell is it ever gonna get a chance to! I know its great to get a drive that can be ‘all compatible’ in theory but these days with drive capabilties changing sooo fast. It pays to get the latest gen. stuff when you’re in the market for something new @ the cheapest price you can find and possibly wait for the primo stuff if you know its around the corner.

DVD Ram may have been the latest and greatest @ one point in time and there may even be some benefits to the technology itself but those drives have been over run by the DVD+&- format and soon DL drives will probably be the next best thing. VHS won the video tape war but with DVD Disc’s the formats are too many to count and with the prospects of BlueRay on the horizon it seems the simplicity of the VHS vs. Betamax days are long gone. These days media compatibility and error free functioning is the most we can ask for.

I’d do like dhc014 says and get the latest one.

Good Luck! :slight_smile:


I confirm the rumor, the 167T I have can not read DVD-RAM per DVDInfoPro information.

Using software to check the drive’s capabilities is insufficient. If you want to provide factual information, then you need to actually test the drive yourself.

By the way I bought a 166 and it’s doing it’s job very good. Thanks for the replys :).

Hi Everybody
I have 165, 166, 167 and I can confirm that 167 can’t read DVD-Ram
(I actual have A DVD-Ram Video Recorder) while 165 and 166 read it
without and problem