Difference between Lite-On 20A1 series?

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I have searched but cannot find a definitive answer.

What are the difference in the Lite-On drives?

From what I can see the LH-20A1L and LH-20A1H are the same drives except for the LH-20A1H being IDE and LH-20A1H being SATA and supporting LightScribe.

and the

LH-20A1P and LS-20A1S being the same except lack of LightScribe support and the LH-20A1P being IDE and LH-20A1S SATA.

Which is updated the most? I am leaning towards a LH-20A1S as I want SATA, from what I can see the H and S have the most firmware support.

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None of them have any more firmware updates planned [I don’t think], and the firmware for each [SATA and PATA] seem to be relatively close to each other. But generally, PATA drives had the better firmware update schedule. That said, the owners of the 20A1S and 20A1L seemed generally happy, even without the regular firmware updates.

The drives that have the focus right now are the DH-20A3 and DH-20A4 series, with the same differences between the models that you already determined.

It seems like the IDE drives still have main focus, though, with updated firmware appearing more readily for the P and H drives. [and only the DH-20A4P has modified firmware for the 20A4 series, at this time]. :flower:

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It seems the SATA drives have been updated recently, but the PATA drives have not. Wonder why if the IDE has had more updates?

UX14.zip 829129 bytes Wed, 02 Jan 2008 03:33:54 GMT

BL05.zip 844213 bytes Wed, 02 Jan 2008 03:29:35 GMT

PATA drives were last updated:

RW20LL0C.zip 833256 bytes Fri, 13 Jul 2007 02:07:04 GMT

DR20KL0N.zip 819374 bytes Thu, 28 Jun 2007 05:34:46 GMT


Those time codes are only for the times they were uploaded, not released. :wink:

BL05 fr the 20A1L has been around for quite some time now.

UX14…is probably for the DH-20A1S, as the LH-20A1S should follow the old scheme of 9L0x. It may actually be newer, though. [These drives are the same, and FW can be interchanged, although not by flashng FW directly from LiteOn’s site. With the old firmware, the drive would be LiteOn DVD RW LH-20A1S. With the new firmware, the drive would be ATAPI DVD A DH-20A1S, or something similar.]

It seems that LiteOn has re-packaged some of the firmwares in a new flasher, and re-uploaded. That explains the time codes you see for the SATA drives. :iagree: