Difference between Kodak Ultima Gold and silver/gold?

Hi Guys,

Been looking for The kodak ultima cdr80 Gold or silver/gold…

Any of u guys who have had experienced those cdr’s :

  1. How would u rate them in terms of quality of burn and/or reliabilty …

  2. Whats the difference between the gold and the silver/gold and which one is better ??

Thanks :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley:

from the Kodak Site: With KODAK’s announcement on January 24, 2002 that it is discontinuing its CD-R media products, it is no longer possible to place custom orders for Gold Ultima media.
Looks like Kodak CD-Rs are going extinct…

The Ultima Gold CDs have a writable side that is, well, gold colored, and the writable side on the silver-gold CDs is silver nor gold (but in between). The Gold CDs are better, hence they’re more expensive (and hence the lifetime warranty).
The Gold CD-Rs are my personal favorites, never had problems with 'em, even with CDs which I have used almost daily for two years.

:slight_smile: Thanks for the reply Crazy Bob but one question still bugs me:

When u take the two cds in your hand and compare them , the gold cds are much lighter and seem of lesse quality than the silver-gols ones…

Strange isn’t it , or is it just me ???

What do u think Crazy Bob ??? :smiley: :smiley:

AFAIK layers of gold on CD-Rs are very thin, because of price issues (who would buy really expensive CD-Rs?)

I don’t know about Kodak Ultima Gold, but
I’ve used the Kodak Ultima Silver/Gold CD-Rs a lot (as TY and Mitsui are difficlt to get in my area) and haven’t had any problems so far. They are working well with my Teac-, Creative- (Lite-On?) and Ricoh-Writers and are readable by all CD-ROMs so far :smiley: