Difference between iso9660 and joliet

hello all…
would someone mind explaining the differences between iso9660 and joliet. also i downloaded some imac software that pc cant read with isobuster, etc. i burned the *.iso file hoping a imac could read it and it couldn’t. what program does imac need to interpret iso files? ive also read that if i burn the iso file with nero, the imac may be able to read it. i used ezcd creator presently.



Joliet is an extension of the ISO 9660 standard, developed by Microsoft, to allow CDs to be recorded using filenames up to 64 characters long.
However Joliet is no longer needed since the ISO 9660 standard has been extended in 3 different levels:
Level 1: Filename cannot be longer than 8 chars
Filename extention cannot be longer than 3 chars
Level 2: Filename can be up to 255 chars long
Level 3: Same as level 2 but files can be written in multiple extents (-> Packet writing).
Normally a Mac can read both ISO 9660 and Joliet CDs. If ISObuster can’t read the image you’ve downloaded then it’s probably in Mac’s HFS format. Nero should be able to burn this.