Difference between IDE and SCSI?



Hi everyone !

I’ve just seen the CDFreaks post about the new Plextor 24/10/40A…IDE. Actually, I’ve got a Plextor 8/20 SCSI, and I’d like to change for a faster one. Should I wait for the SCSI version ? And by the way, what is the bloody difference between IDE and SCSI ? Is SCSI “faster” than IDE, as everybody tells me ?

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IDE has a higher CPU load.

SCSI has a lower CPU load and allows more devices to be connected.

Because of the lower CPU load, hence less dependency on CPU, it is a more stable connection. It depends on the kind of SCSI connection compared to the kind of IDE connection (generally speaking) if either one has a higher transfer rate (wouldn’t be fair to compare UDMA33 with SCSI160)


for my money i’d definately go with SCSI - as I have had least problems with it (don’t know about anyone else)…

only problem is that SCSI hard disks are more expensive - if you want to connect one into the system.

Mr C


SCSI has no cpu load as far as i know. It has its own microprocessor that does the work instead of the cpu.

SCSI is “faster” because the devices using the technology usually have a higher spindle rate than IDE devices.
Higher spindle rate = lower latency.

Unless you’re doing many things at the same time, like listening to mp3s and playing some cpu mongering game, go with IDE.
Unless you really want to spend the money…

In my opinion, if there are 24x IDE writers available, there’s really no point in spending extra cas on SCSI. How long will it take to make a cd??? 2 minutes?


I’ve a plex 16 IDE and a plex 12 scsi.
I love the scsi writer !
I’ll all ways buy me a scsi writer if one is down :slight_smile:

My CPU is : 1,4 Ghz , 512 DRR RAM , 2 HD’s in raid
So don’t say you have a slow machine for IDE. :):slight_smile:


I think ScSi is the best , you can plug 7 devices except 4.
less cpu load , so can even play quake 3 while you are burning :stuck_out_tongue:
And its much trustable than IDE .


About a week ago, when the new PX-2410 came up, I sent an e-mail to plextor belgium, asking them about the possibility of a future 2410 SCSI model. The guy that answered to me, wrote that plextor WILL NOT make SCSI counterparts for the 16x and the 24x drives
and that the only SCSI drive that they have is the 1210S.
:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Ain’t that a bitch ??? I am a SCSI enthusiast and that was a real disappoinment…
Let us all hope they 'll think it over …

And to all SCSI dudes out there : we will prevail !
(btw, if any1 wants the e-mail forwarded, drop me line at hadderakk@hotmail.com)