Difference between firmwares: RPC1, auto-reset patch, BT

Hi! Sorry if that is very simple but I couldn’t understand it completely. Maybe this is would be useful for somebody else. On the Liggy Dee firmware page we have firmware in four different types:

  1. orig - does not include riplock or region code patches
  2. rpc1 - includes riplock and RPC1 patch
  3. auto - includes riplock and region code auto-reset patch
  4. bt - includes bitsetting patch

Also we have Firmware information which have bitsetting column.
Take for example AD-7260S Firmware 1Z9
orig - pretty simple (original firmware)

Questions are:

  1. What difference between RPC1 and region code auto-reset patch?
  2. Is bt firmware included rpc1 or auto-reset?
  3. If in Firmware information we have Bitsetting Yes for DVD+R DL what bt firmware changes (Only added bt for other types of media)?

Usually I flash drive with original fw. But now I need to write DVD9 and player don’t recognize it. In firmware information we have bitsetting YES for DVD+R DL. If I flash bt firmware would it help? Or as I assumed orig firmware already have bitsetting for those type of media and it doesn’t help. I understand that software could be responsible as well as types of media. I want to eliminate factors one at a time.

Thank you!

You should really read Liggy&Dee’s FAQ first!!

Thank you for quick responce. But I can’t find in FAQ answer: Is bt firmware included rpc1 or auto-reset or only bt settings? General principal I understand. I want to clarify details. Such as is there any modification in bt firmware regarding DVD+R DL or is it the same as in orig fw? Is bt fw include riplock or not? Of course I could miss something in FAQ. Sorry. I going to read again.

The FAQ hasn’t been updated for ages, so I really wouldn’t count on it. But usually there’s a readme file included in all downloads that shows which patches were applied to a certain firmware. What I typically provide these days are

[li]unmodified firmware (orig)
[/li][li]bitsetting (bt_orig)
[/li][li]RPC1 only (rpc1)
[/li][li]Auto-Reset only (auto)
[/li][li]bitsetting + RPC1 (bt_rpc1)
[/li][li]bitsetting + Auto-Reset (bt_auto)
For slimline drives I also include riplock patches and bitsetting patches are only available for those firmwares that allow bitsetting patches.

RPC1 firmware leaves it up to the playback software to take care of region settings. Auto-Reset firmwares pretend to obey region coding which should make the software leave it to the drive to take care of regions, but without permanently changing the region code.

If the firmware info shows “Yes” for bitsetting on DVD+R DL, then my bitsetting patch allows changing the booktype ALSO on DVD+R and (with restrictions) on DVD+RW

Thank you very much for clarification! If I understanding correctly in case of 5260S 1Z9, we don’t have bt_rpc1 or bt_auto. bt - bitsetting only for 1Z9. And which way better RPC1 or auto or in general both do the same.