Difference between DVD+RW quick/full erase

Hi, first sorry for my not perfectly english, but to my question:

When I burn something to DVD+RW´s on my Lite-On 1633s (BSOK) I always have better quality, when I make full erase before burning. When I only quick erase the disc, the quality is not so good (but still acceptable).

Is this normal or something is wrong? I see no difference in quality between quick/full erase by CD-RW…

Here some scan´s: The first shows compilation burned after quick erase, the second shows the same compilation burned on the same disc after full erase.

the difference is meaningless and you dont even have to erase the disk,just burn over the previous data

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Just a guess, but it may have something to do with the reflectivity of a disc that is erased, compared to one that has data on it already. shrugs As I say, just a guess though, but it does seem to make a difference.

@ sbehring I think a quick erase just deletes the Table Of Contents, whereas the full erase removes all data and writes just 0000… A quick erase will leave the data which can be read by some programs, so if it is sensitive data, a full erase is better for security purposes. A full erase can also be better in some circumstances to start ‘fresh’ when problems arise with writing/reading.