Difference between DVD ripping/burning software?

I have a question. I am using DVD X Copy Xpress to rip the DVD onto my HD then nero to burn, but after reading around on the site here it seems hardly noone is using X Copy. All i see if people talking about all these other programs like DVD Decrypter and CloneDVD, etc.

My question is what will make the best quality copy? X Copy Xpress seems to make perfect copies for me, but if all of you are using different programs then they must be better or something. So can anyone who reads this post what they use to rip/burn there DVDs and why and mabye a link to D/L it?:bigsmile:

I just want to make the best possible copy possible, i dont mind paying for the software. Thanks guys :bow:

edit: If i posted this in wrong forum and it gets moved can the admin let me know where it was moved, thanks

If X Copy Express is working well for you, then don’t sweat it. Lots of us use the free programs that are available and work as well as the commercial ones.

DVDDecrypter is free, as is DVDShrink, and I think those two are great for backing up movies. You can get DVDDecrypter at the download page at www.doom9.org and if you want to learn a bit about DVDShrink, look here www.dvdshrink.info

I use Nero 5.5 to do the burning part, since shrink doesn’t include that, but there are some free burning programs out there also. DVDDecrypter will burn in ISO mode.

DVD Decrypter is available from dvddecrypter.com There is a also a newbie guide there as well. Leave the defaults and rip in File Mode (press F and then Ctrl+A) for later transcoding. You can alos rip in IFO Mode (press I) if you are more experienced.

Shrink Guides are here on this forum

Thanks alot for replies/links guys. I will read up on these and try them for myself.