Difference between dvd + or

New to your forum but what i’ve read looks impressive. Can anyone tell me the difference between the dvd-r(w) and the dvd+r(w)? is one better or is it again just a matter of personal preference? I appreciate any info, thanks… :eek:

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Have you read this sticky thread in the Blank Media forum?

The difference between DVD-R and DVD+R

In practice there is little difference between DVD+R and DVD-R when using a computer drive. If you record on a standalone recorder (one of those you hook up to your television) there are differences in which format is supported by which recorder and also in features such as support for 16:9 WideScreen flag (only on DVD-R/RW).

Many DVD burners seem to have a slight preference for burning DVD+R if you test for low-level PIE/PIF errors with a Disc Quality Scan, but the difference isn’t that big.

Some older DVD burners may burn only one type, but any current DVD burner should burn both.

I’ve said it many times. It’s hard to go wrong with a quality disc of either format. Alot of it depends on what applications you plan on using your media for though. :wink:

IMO, the slightly elevated PIE/PIF levels will not really make a difference in real-world conditions…

(I know you meant that the difference is not really big… ;))

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