Difference between CloneDVD and Clone DVD

By searching with Google “CloneDVD”, I get the site www.clonedvd.net, which contains pieces of information about CloneDVD by DVD X Studios. But I also know that Clone DVD2 by Elaborate Bytes (www.elby.ch) exists. Are they the same ? And what one does the CloneDVD forum deal with?

The forum on here is devoted to CloneDVD2 from www.elby.ch (and also www.slysoft.com)

It seems that the ‘other’ CloneDVD has some problems - a nice one that has been reported is if you split the movie over 2 discs that the second disc is out of focus - nice! A most definite NO, they are not the same.

CloneDVD 2 from Elby or Slysoft is by far the better product. There really is no comparison. Plus slysoft is giving a discount to cdfreaks members for a few weeks so if you’re going to buy it, now would be a great time. I also recommend AnyDVD to go with it, but, it’s not required.